furano bonchi powder


Associate Professor at Kitami Institute of Technology, Meteorologist
Tatsuo Shirakawa











空気を多く含みふわふわで、かつ、サラサラした富良野盆地に降る雪に、彼らはbonchi powder(#bonpow)という名をつけて、地域の新しいブランドとして育てていこうとしています。




これを雪水比(ゆきみずひ)といいますが、北海道内の主要スキー場エリアの中でも、富良野の雪水比はトップクラスに値が高く、これは #bonpow がふわふわでかつサラサラであることを裏付ける結果でした。







Embracing the Charm of Snow in Furano


Winter is upcoming in Hokkaido. Although the domestic winter sports population has decreased compared to its peak, it is making a comeback in Japan these days, due to the inbound tourism effects. Especially, Japan's powdery snow, known as "Japow," which features fluffy and light, has gained popularity. Hokkaido, in particular, has become a mecca for powder snow and attracts travelers from both within and outside of Japan who enjoy skiing, snowboarding, and backcountry adventures. Furano lies in the heart of Hokkaido, known for hosting numerous FIS World Cup events and home to the renowned "Furano Ski Resort." Furano is located near the Tokachi Mountain Range, where the late Prof. Ukichiro Nakaya, a globally renowned snow scientist, conducted long-term snow crystal observations. This region is known for its beautiful snow crystals and the ability to maintain their condition after accumulating, a feature that has long captured my attention. Furthermore, in Furano, there are people who recognize the value of snow and are committed to preserving it as a regional treasure. They have named the light, fluffy, and dry snow that falls in the Furano Basin "bonchi powder" (#bonpow) and are working to develop it as a new regional brand. I have also embraced this initiative and began conducting research on #bonpow in Furano regularly starting from December 2022.

Through data analysis, I have noticed that Furano receives a high snow-to-water ratio (known as "yukimizuhi") compared to its winter precipitation. Among the major ski areas in Hokkaido, Furano stands out with one of the highest snow-to-water ratios. This result supports the fact that #bonpow is both fluffy and dry. I have also conducted on-site investigations regarding snow accumulation and confirmed that newly fallen snow on the snow surface remains in a light, unchanged state for an extended period due to the low temperatures. Utilizing these findings, I am working with the people of Furano to widely promote the charm of #bonpow. As part of this effort, starting from this season, we will attempt to forecast the "fluffiness and dryness" ("ふわサラ度" in Japanese) using meteorological data and provide this information to travelers. Initially, there may be some trial and error, but we plan to optimize it through communication with users. Everyone, please visit Furano in the winter and enjoy #bonpow!