Burano bonchi powder

Fluffy powder quotient
This year's fluffy prediction has ended.
The next fiscal year is scheduled to reopen in December.

Furano bonchi powder

Furano’s light and fluffy powder is created by its basin.

この恵まれた気候で降る、ふわサラな雪を、「bonchi powder」と名付けてブランド化し、より多くの方に体感、体験してもらいたいと願っています。

The snow that accumulates in the inland climate zone of the Furano Basin is known to be exceptionally high-quality in the world. This snow is light and fluffy, making it ideal for winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding. It is considered to be one of world-class quality and is truly a paradise for those who love powder snow.
In recent years, many international skiing enthusiasts, especially those seeking premium snow conditions, have been visiting Furano. They are captivated by the breathtaking scenery and the superb quality of the snow, often returning multiple times. Additionally, the warm and welcoming local people are also one of the charms of Furano.
We aim to brand this light and fluffy snow as "Bonchi Powder" and hope that more people can experience and enjoy it.


  • bonchi powder Special Lecture | Associate Professor at Kitami Institute of Technology, Meteorologist Tatsuo Shirakawa「北見工業大学 白川准教授」

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  • bonchi powder interview02 | 新富良野プリンスホテル・富良野スキー場総支配人 伊賀裕治さん

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Aiming for the Quantification of Powder Snow

研究により富良野地方は北海道内の主要スキー場の中でも、軽い乾雪が降る環境で、積雪後も圧密 が進みにくいことが分かってきました。

In Furano City, we have been conducting research on snowfall and snow accumulation with snow experts since 2022. Through our research, we have discovered that Furano has light and dry snow, and it is difficult for the snow to become densely compacted even after accumulation, compared to it from other major ski resorts in Hokkaido.As part of our efforts for the 2023 season, we will be conducting experiments to quantify the powder snow that is cherished worldwide. Using Furano City's data on snowfall and precipitation, we will calculate the snow-water ratio (a measure of snow density) and predict a unique index called the "Fluffiness Quotient" using our proprietary calculation method. This index will be made available to the public.The average precipitation and snowfall data for December to March in the major ski resorts in Hokkaido, popular among international tourists, based on the Meteorological Agency's observations.
We aim to brand this light and fluffy snow as "Bonchi Powder" and hope that more people can experience and enjoy it.
12-3 月の降水量・降雪量
The precipitation and snowfall levels from December to March near major ski resorts in Hokkaido, calculated from the average values observed by the Japan Meteorological Agency.
WHAT’S「Fluffiness Quotient」


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