furano bonchi powder


General Manager of New Furano Prince Hotel and Furano Ski Resort
Yuji Iga

















富良野の雪「bonchi powder」と言うネーミングの”bon”はフランス語で”良い”という意味でもあります。世界中の人が「良い雪といったら北海道の富良野だよね!」と1番に思い出していただけるような、世界中の人に選ばれるマウンテンリゾートに導いていきたいと考えています。




A mountain resort chosen by people from all around the world.

I have been admiring Furano's snow for approximately 20 years, and I believe that even now, Furano's snow stands as one of the best in Japan. Its remarkable qualities include a low moisture content, which prevents the formation of snowballs even when firmly packed, a distinct squeaky sound when walking on it, and the impact of Furano's basin topography, occasionally leading to temperatures as low as minus 30 degrees Celsius. These conditions enable us to maintain its exceptional quality throughout the winter, a fact reiterated by numerous visitors to the ski resort who mention the smooth and frictionless glide. Beyond the outstanding snow quality, Furano Ski Resort offers a wide variety of slopes, ample space, and the advantage of being within walking distance of the town. While ski resorts are scattered across the world, the proximity of a town to a resort of this scale is quite uncommon. Visitors can enjoy both skiing and exploring the town, and we're thrilled to see an increasing number of international visitors in recent years, contributing to a lively winter atmosphere in the heart of Furano. At Furano Ski Resort, we are committed to ensuring that guests fully savor this magnificent environment. For this reason, we have been organizing the "First Tracks" event, allowing participants to experience the pristine corduroy slopes in the early morning before anyone else. The New Furano Prince Hotel offers ski-in, ski-out convenience, ensuring stress-free stays from the early morning to night skiing. The name "bonchi powder" for Furano's snow carries a double meaning, as "BON" also signifies "good" in French. We aspire to lead Furano into becoming a mountain resort that people worldwide instantly think of when they hear "good snow; it must be Furano in Hokkaido!" and one that is chosen by people from all over the world.